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Benefits And Drawbacks Of American Capitalism - 996 Words

In this social constructed economic system there are benefits and drawbacks to American Capitalism. Capitalism is the idea of a free market based economy wherein that economy is organized by individual people and companies rather than the government. This type of economy, in essence, promotes cheaper goods bought and sold, less waste, economic growth, innovation, and overall fairness. However, the American dream is not all it takes in order to pave a path to economic success in our society. In fact, some would argue that American capitalism is the very foundation to social and economic collapse within a class based system. Capitalism has a way of taking advantage of the most vulnerable members of society by promoting corporate monopolies, a blind eye to social benefits, inherited wealth, as well as social divisions and unrest based on inequality. In an age and country where technology has given us so much abundance, there is still so much suffrage within our communities. Capitalism is best known for encouraging innovation and the advancement of bigger and better technology. A sense of competition is continuously promoted and encouraged by the free market in order to produce an out with the old in with the new and affordable mentality. In this economy time is money and waste is eliminated with market demands. In theory, everyone seems to benefit from a motivational stand point. If you work hard, if you want it bad enough, you will be able to afford a higher standard ofShow MoreRelatedNeoclassical Economics Vs. Keynesian Economics1583 Words   |  7 PagesThe post -Second World War growth period, which is called Golden Age of Capitalism, has a great influence in human economic history. During the period of time, a great many of the capitalist countries have dramatically increased their economy and prosperity, such as United State which has a substantially economic expansion at an average rate of 3.5% annually between 1945 and 1970. Economic growth may be resulted by deregulation of market, rise of automotive manufacture and industrialization whichRead MoreThe Reasons For Anti Globalization Protests1263 Words   |  6 PagesMarx’s critique of the problems of capitalism in 19th century Europe. In the following essay, the reasons for anti-globalization protests will be examined and the comparison between capitalism in 19th century and now. Problems depicted by the Anti-globalization protestors Although there are many benefits brought by globalization, drawbacks are involved. Anti-globalization protesters such as Greenpeace and Anti-WTO focus on the problems created by global capitalism like uneven wealth distribution andRead MoreThe Classical Model Of Economics1431 Words   |  6 Pagesconserving the resource. Then, the suppliers want to find more of the source as to get a better profit. The reasons behind their actions are selfish, yet they benefit all of society. Smith identified that the pursuit of profit and the power of self-interest would increase motivation and result in more advances in technology. His model of capitalism was on the basis of freedom and selfishness as a motivator for society. It was also on the basis that the economy would go through recessions and expansionsRead MorePenitentiary Ideal and the American Prisons1292 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Penitentiary Ideal and the American Prisons: Prisons have developed to become famous institutions in the modern society to an extent that its difficult to remember that these institutions have a history of slightly over two centuries. Prisons emerged in Europe first before the United States as a product of the dual transformation that established the basis for contemporary capitalism. The institutions are famous because they are an integral part of the criminal justice system that house condemnedRead MoreEssay on The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy1287 Words   |  6 Pagesbacking to guerrilla and resistance movements during the Regan years. Additionally, explain the political doctrine detailed events that occurred in Afghanistan when the Soviet Union invaded. As a final point, this assignment will define the benefits and drawbacks established on the Regan Doctrine. Summarize the Situation of U.S. Diplomatic of the Regan Doctrine During the course of the initial years of the Cold War, Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter all endorsed dogmas againstRead MoreThe Universal Declaration Of Human Rights1489 Words   |  6 Pagesglobal free trade, the shift to capitalism with an individualist mentality, and a technological revolution that transformed our social spaces and boundaries, a â€Å"farther, faster, cheaper, deeper† (Antonio, p. 70) mindset now guided decisions about the environment, culture, economy, political system, and most importantly, the well-being of global citizens. America currently maintains the hegemony and the alliances initially created to suppress war and promote American national security put them in aRead MoreGovernment Over Regulation Of The United States1744 Words   |  7 Pagesorder to achieve equality in the eyes of the law, but with this the necessary regulatory compliance of all citizens must be provided. If all American citizens do agree to abide by the r ules implemented by the United States, the freedom that they came here for would be nonexistent, and they would no longer have the ability to truly live the infamous ‘American dream’. The economy is also beginning to move away from the capitalist ways and move toward an ideology of equality among the wealth and incomesRead MoreWhat Makes A Nation Wealthy? Essay1668 Words   |  7 Pagesindividuals in the society. In his book, Smith explained the Theory of the Invisible Hand. He stated that prosperity comes from the freedom of producing any goods individuals choose. He focused on enriching trade between countries and viewed trade as a benefit to both parties involved. His view of a perfect society involved minimum government intervention; government would be responsible for national defense, education, legal rights and crime. It will only step in to enforce laws and to protect customersRead MoreAmerican Government Study Guide.1562 Words   |  7 Pages= The primary reason that the existence of Social Security greatly lessens the demand for other forms of social welfare is that the incentive of Social Security benefits upon retirement encourages individuals to work during their productive years, which reduces the need for other forms of social welfare, such as unemployment benefits In 2002, President George W. Bush labeled Iraq, Iran, and North Korea an axis of evil. The stages of the public policy process normally develop in a particular orderRead MoreKey Management Issues : Standard Oil, A Monopolistic Company Of Massive Size1344 Words   |  6 Pagesfall of 1871, supposedly to negotiate â€Å"secret† discounts on published railroad tariffs and place independent refiners at a transport cost disadvantage.† (Reksulak, Shughart 2011) The key issues to be researched and solved are: †¢ Does competition benefit a company and its competitors by making them compete for sales? †¢ How can a company stay profitable when regulations are in place that limit its ability to produce income? †¢ Is there a change in business practice needed to modify the corporate environment

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A Review of Writing Dissertation

A Review of Writing Dissertation Do not depart from your bibliography to the previous minute as it should form an essential part of your dissertation, evolve coherently as your research does. A dissertation is intended to integrate skills and knowledge acquired over the full course. Your dissertation may also contain different chapters if needed. Every dissertation is a bit different. If you have to compose an outline for a dissertation, you're going to start from the Introduction. Knowledge, however, is only one prerequisite. At our essay support, essays are always delivered in a brief moment. Students often wrongfully assume they need to go through each and every supply of information about the topic they intend to approach. Participation in Dissertation After Dark is not essential to join the retreat, but it's an amazing means to keep your productivity throughout the busy academic calendar year! Dissertations take some time, and you'll want to take breaks and recharge sooner or later. Whenever your schedule is actually tight, you're able to better prioritize tasks and prevent procrastination. Custom writing help may at times be everything that you demand. Attempt to realistically rate the significance of the work you do. Maybe all you actually need is adistraction-free writing space to have the task done. Nevertheless, you're still required to devis e a more comprehensive plan for the whole paper. Let's say you have to purchase essay for college. Talking through your revised dissertation program or structure by means of your supervisor can keep you centered on the research, and determine if it's logical. Each time you discover that it's tough to compose another essay or cope with the homework, we're here to assist. It is crucial to clarify all questions until they turn into problems. The initial section ought to comprise information regarding the context of your topic, together with an assertion of the issue. The dissertation topic and question ought to be sufficiently focused that you're able to collect all the essential data within a comparatively brief time-frame, usually about six weeks for undergraduate programmes. Proofreading own work is challenging to the majority of people so that you may get support from a trustworthy friend, but the very best method is to receive an expert editor to proofread your dissertation . Or you are able to take advantage of expert dissertation editing services and see the business accomplished in a day or two. You are able to visit such a form of dissertation writing services to understand more. If at all possible, look for a friend or fellow-student in the exact same position with whom it's possible to swap dissertations for proof-reading. Adhering to the tips about feedback above, learn what type of writing your committee expects. In the very first instance, consult with a friend, relative or colleague who's proficient in your field of study. Discuss with your supervisor about how you want to cooperate. Your advisor and committee might be inclined to supply early feedback. The Good, the Bad and Writing Dissertation Most students make a typical mistake when deciding on an excellent company from the list of available sites. You're surely not meant to fail in your academic studies, and that's why MeowEssay professional writing service is the most suitable option for you. You may order any kind of academic paper despite the grade, level, complexity or deadline. In reality, you've a great deal more than only a fine academic paper! The Do's and Don'ts of Writing Dissertation At times, even when you appreciate the differences between the dissertation and previous work and know that you truly wish to finish the degree , you might still have trouble. The sphere of research has to be defined comprehensively. Talk about the factors for which you recommend a particular research and the way that it should be run. The dissertation research stage is likely to figure out the total maturation of your undertaking. What You Need to Know About Writing Dissertation Perhaps more than other sorts of writing, dissertation writing demands an explicit comprehension of the subject matter, much of which can be very detailed or methodologically complicated. Always keep in mind that the introduction shouldn't be too long as it's predicted to bore the readers. If you believe you need more general info on the focus of your literature review, it may be useful to read the post describing the 3 different forms of literature review. Start with telling your readers what the chapter is all about and why they need to read it.

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Economics for Business Monopolistic Competition

Question: Discuss about the Economics for Business of Monopolistic Competition. Answer: 1. The main motive of a firm is to maximise the profit. The product differentiation is a procedure of the firm to ensure its customer that its product has slightly different characteristics than its close substitutes. The product differentiation helps to achieve greater economic profit to the firm. Economic profit is the difference between the revenue of a firm and economic or opportunity cost of inputs used in the production process. There is product differentiation because some firms cannot imitate the product of the rival firm. This is due to several laws are there regarding copyrights, trademarks and patents. In a perfect competition market, there may be a super-normal profit in the short run. However, in the long run, there is only a normal profit. Similarly, almost the same things happen in the case of the monopolistic competitive market. However, perfect competition market deals with homogeneous product and monopolistic competition mainly deal with the differentiated product. In the case of a market for the differentiated product, a price is greater than marginal cost (Novshek, 2014). Therefore, the output of the monopolistically competitive market is not socially optimal or Pareto efficient. However, in the monopolistic competition, the consumer gains more satisfaction and welfare for consuming differentiated product than consuming a homogenous product. However, there is a positive externality for the consumer by increasing the type of variety of the product, and a negative externality to the firms by reducing their profit. To increase the welfare of the people, government intervention plays a crucial role to increase the efficiency in production and distribution of output. However, it is evident that product differentiation causes higher profit to the firms making a once-off expenditure in it (Brander, Spencer, 2015). Analysing the behaviour of the product differentiating and profit-maximizing firm, here is a consideration of monopolistically competitive market. Monopolistically competitive firm sells the differentiated product. The firm faces a negatively sloping or downward sloping demand curve. The consumer has a love of variety and ideal variety for a product. As a monopolistically competitive firm increases its price than its rival firm producing a close substitute, it may not lose its all the consumer. Some of its consumers attach high value for that firms product. Every product of the monopolistically competitive firm has it distinct features (Grigolon Verboven, 2014). If the rival or competitive firm increases their price then there is an increase in the demand for the product of the given firm. If the firms are selling almost the same product, then there is an increase in the elasticity of demand. Monopolistically competitive firm is different from the oligopolistic firm. Because in the monopolistic competitive firm does not consider the price or quantity strategy of the rival firm. In real life, there is a large number of businesses in a single industry. Therefore, the effect of price change or change in demand of the rival firm has a relatively small effect (Varian, 2014). The product- differentiated firm is choosing a profit maximising output. Profit maximisation occurs where marginal cost is exactly equal to its marginal revenue. This condition is same as the monopolist. In the monopolistic ally competitive market, the condition of free entry and exist drives the super normal profit to zero and in the long run the demand curve tangent to the average cost curve for every firm. In the following diagram, there is a discussion of it (Becchetti et al. 2014). Figure 1: equilibrium in monopolistic market (Source: created by author) In this diagram (1), the demand or the average revenue curve and marginal revenue curve is downward slopping. Average revenue curve is a U-shaped curve. Marginal cost is upward rising and intersects the average cost curve at the minimum point (Grigolon, Verboven, 2014). In this diagram, dead weight loss in the gray-shaded portion. P* is the socially optimal price charge in the competitive market, and socially optimal quantity is Q*. However, the charged price of the monopolistically competitive firm is P and the Q is the quantity. If the price is equal to the marginal cost, then it may be a loss- making firm. If the government wants to increase the output to attain a socially optimal level, then it should provide subsidy to the firm. Consumer gains satisfaction for having a different variety of goods. If there is a reduction in some available goods in the market, this may cause a reduction in the consumer welfare. This reduction in consumer surplus is the deep shaded grey triangle. In a monopolistically competitive firm generates a consumer surplus by introducing new product. In case of monopolistically competitive firm, the demand curve and the marginal revenue curve is downward slopping, profit maximising condition holds where that marginal cost i s equal to marginal revenue. However, the demand curve is lying above the marginal revenue curve. Therefore, the price is greater than the marginal revenue. In this market, every firm has some good numbers of consumers of its product. Therefore, the demand curve is less elastic. This ensures relatively higher profit for the monopolistically competitive firm than the competitive firm. Therefore, if a firm interested in producing the differentiated product then it definitely ensures higher economic profit in the future. Higher opportunity cost results in diversion of inputs from the production. The product-differentiating firm has different cost structure than its rival firm. Including an ideal variety of features in the product consistent of the consumer needs may ensure a higher profit to the firm. Therefore, once-off expenditure for a differentiating product is very important in the case of achieving the higher profits in the future (Woo et al.2014). In conclusion, it is evident that a monopolistically competitive firm always tries to attain higher profit. By varying its product and adding new features to its product, monopolistically competitive firm ensures greater profit. Therefore, product differentiation is very important factor in the monopolistically competitive. If a firm adds different characteristics to a product, it ensures an ideal match of its product to its customer. Attaching higher value to the product by the consumer makes the demand curve of the monopolistically competitive firm less elastic. This inelastic demand results in higher price and higher profit for the monopolistically competitive. Therefore, the firm has to initiate a product differentiation to ensure a higher profit in the future (Zhelobodko et al. 2012). 2: There are various rates of wages prevailing in the economy. There are different wage rate in different sectors. Wage rates vary from country to country, industry to industry and sectors to sectors. This variation is in between and within the occupation and industry. Economists face difficulty in explaining the variation of these wage rates differential within and across the occupation and industry. There are various factors causing the variation in the wage rate in across and within the occupation, industry. These are the age and working capacity of the labor, qualification of education, working experience of the labor, health hazards and risk involve in work, possibilities of promotion, the prevailing or on-going wage rate of the society, employment stability, job security and stability in the employment, the product demand and earning surplus and profit by the business organization. Moreover, it is very difficult to measure the endowed capability in the human being. If the employer can trace the potential of the labour or employee, then the employer takes a decision to increase the wage of the labour. The employer can apply various screening method to know the potentiality of the labour. However, this potentiality of labour is difficult to measure (Blau, 2016). However, there is problem or difficulty in evaluating the possible reasons behind the wage rate differentiations in across and within the industry and occupations. In the next section of discussion, there is an analysis of reasons behind the difficulties in explaining the wage differentials in the economy (Dix-Carneiro, Kovak, 2015). In the economy, labour is one of the most important inputs of production. Any production activities need sufficient amount of labours to produce output efficiently. There is a different rate of wage in various sectors and industry. The wage rate is a function of unions of labour, expectation about the future rate of wage, living cost, various rules and regulation of government, ability to pay of the employer, labour demand and supply and most importantly productivity of the labour. Therefore, the reason behind the variations of the wage rate may cause due to the variation or differentiation in the above mention factors. However, different countries have different quality of labour. Age structure differs across the different countries. Some countries have a greater number of young labours than the others (Romano Meneses, 2016).. Therefore, their working capacities are relatively higher than the old labourers. In some industries, there are productions of same goods using either labor- intensive technique or capital-intensive technique. Capital abundant economy uses capital-intensive technique and relatively low numbers of labour. There is a need for skilled labour to operate the physical and financial capita efficiently. Those economies have higher number of labour and applying labour intensive technique faces a problem of low wage. However, this is not always true. Sometimes, there is a problem in evaluating the quality of labour. There is a judgment of the quality of labour regarding productive efficiency (Guvenen, Kuruscu Ozkan, 2013). The increase in the productive efficiency is due to either for the skill of the labour or the experience of the labour. Similarly, some industries prefer educated and qualified labour; however, some prefer the experienced labour. There are differences in the wage rate due to the different perspective of the employer of the organisation. There are different preferences of the employer to employ a labor. Different industries have different cost structures to produce a product. It completely depends on the employer of the organisation to determine the factors of different wage rate. There is no individual rule for different industry or occupation to follow for setting the wage structure. Therefore, there exists wide variation of wage rate across the occupation and industry (Katz Krueger, 2012). To determine the factors causing wage variation within the industry or occupation depends on the outlook of an employer. The value attachment to the employee by the employer may be the reason of differentiating wage within the industry or organisation. However, there is a difficulty in judging the employer outlook to the different employee. If the cause of wage differentiation is due to several variables as per the discussion, still there are some cases where variation in wage is not for any of the above-mentioned reason. This creates a problem. Even economists cannot give any convincing reasons for the wage differentiations in within and across the industry. There is no given rule for the variation of the wage differentials. There are various rules set by the government; these rules regarding the wage rate differs from country to country. However, government changes its rule time to time according to the needs of the labor and for various other reasons. Therefore, to explain the eff ect of the different rules and regulation of the on the variation in the rate of wage is very difficult (Lindley Machin, 2013). Even quality of labour is quantifiable. Therefore, an increase in productivity cannot be the only indicators of judging the quality of labour. Providing proper skill and guidance can increase the quality of labour at any time; therefore, it is very difficult to say wage variation occurs due to the increase in the quality of labour. Some jobs have risk association in it. This risk may cause to health hazards. However, measuring the amount of risk associated with that job is sometime difficult to measure. Therefore, a serious problem or difficulty arises in explaining the variation in the wage differentials across and within the occupations and industry (Manacorda, Manning Wadsworth, 2012). In stating a conclusion, it is clear from the above analysis that there is no such explanation is there for the variation of wage rates across and within the occupation and industry. There are some reasons behind the wage differentials of the labour. However, to discuss or explaining the economic reasons behind this is very difficult to analyse. From, the above discussion, it is evident that there is no uniform rule for explaining the wage variation. It completely depends on upon some factors that have qualitative features. There is a difficulty in judging the qualitative variables in a quantitative measurement (Lindley Machin, 2013). Reference: Becchetti, L., Palestini, A., Solferino, N., Tessitore, M. E. (2014). The socially responsible choice in a duopolistic market: A dynamic model of ethical product differentiation.Economic Modelling,43, 114-123. Blau, F. D. (2016). Gender, inequality, and wages.OUP Catalogue. Brander, J. A., Spencer, B. J. (2015). Intra-industry trade with Bertrand and Cournot oligopoly: The role of endogenous horizontal product differentiation.Research in Economics,69(2), 157-165. Depalo, D., Giordano, R., Papapetrou, E. (2015). Publicprivate wage differentials in euro-area countries: evidence from quantile decomposition analysis.Empirical Economics,49(3), 985-1015. Dix-Carneiro, R., Kovak, B. K. (2015). Trade liberalization and the skill premium: A local labor markets approach.The American Economic Review,105(5), 551-557. Grigolon, L., Verboven, F. (2014). Nested logit or random coefficients logit? A comparison of alternative discrete choice models of product differentiation.Review of Economics and Statistics,96(5), 916-935. Guvenen, F., Kuruscu, B., Ozkan, S. (2013). Taxation of human capital and wage inequality: A cross-country analysis.The Review of Economic Studies, rdt042. Katz, L. F., Krueger, A. B. (2012). Changes in the Structure of Wages in the Public and Private Sectors.35th anniversary retrospective, 721-756. Lindley, J., Machin, S. (2013). Wage inequality in the Labour years.Oxford Review of Economic Policy,29(1), 165-177. Manacorda, M., Manning, A., Wadsworth, J. (2012). The impact of immigration on the structure of wages: theory and evidence from Britain.Journal of the European Economic Association,10(1), 120-151. Nagurney, A., Li, D. (2015). A supply chain network game theory model with product differentiation, outsourcing of production and distribution, and quality and price competition.Annals of Operations Research,226(1), 479-503. Novshek, W. (2014). Equilibrium in simple spatial (or differentiated product) models.Noncooperative Approaches to the Theory of Perfect Competition,3, 199. Romano, P. P. O., Meneses, E. G. (2016). WHY ARE THE WAGES OF THE MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR DESCENDANTS SO LOW IN THE UNITED STATES?.Estudios Econmicos,31(2), 305-337. Varian, H. R. (2014).Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach: Ninth International Student Edition. WW Norton Company. Woo, C. K., Sreedharan, P., Hargreaves, J., Kahrl, F., Wang, J., Horowitz, I. (2014). A review of electricity product differentiation.Applied Energy,114, 262-272. Zhelobodko, E., Kokovin, S., Parenti, M., Thisse, J. F. (2012). Monopolistic competition: Beyond the constant elasticity of substitution.Econometrica,80(6), 2765-2784.

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Summary Drawing The Color Line Essay Example For Students

Summary Drawing The Color Line Essay The chapter goes on about how it was to e a slave, how and Why they became slaves or known at the beginning as servants. As well as how they differed from white servants and the unfairness Of it all Probably no ship modern history has carried a more portentous freight Her cargo? Twenty slaves. (peg. 23, J. Redding) The start of it all was the ship coming to the land to explore but at the end of the day they left with a great prize enslaved a different race to do something that they couldnt do. They knew that they couldnt force the Indians to do the work for them, since Columbus wasnt so successful in that department. They knew if they even tried, since they had such power in their guns, that the Indians would just come back and fire at them but not with guns with their hands or any tools they had. Since they were not use to the new lands and having a hard time staying alive they thought black slaves were the answer. Slavery wasnt legalized yet, so they called them servants even though they had no rights and all they did was work. We will write a custom essay on Summary Drawing The Color Line specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now The start to the regular trade in slaves was fifty years before Columbus; the Portuguese took ten African blacks to Lisbon. (Peg. 26) The chapter speaks on how it was so easy to enslave a black because they arent on their own land and they didnt fight back like the Indians. The Africans was more advance then Europe just in their own way, their religion was completely different. Which to the Europeans avgas weird they see that Africans do human sacrifices which are not normal to them. The Africans were skilled in farming. This was what they were looking for. They had the Africans do their work while they relaxed. The Africans had nowhere to go so they couldnt just up in leave they didnt know where they were. As far as the difference between a White and black servant, well the White servants had way more rights than a lack they white servants were able to stop working for their masters at a point and they got paid more. With a black slave they either made little money or none at all and there masters owned them they could keep adding years to their sentence if they choose too. Heres just a gist of the difference between a black and white servants, when in 1640 three servants tried to run away, the two white were punished with a lengthening of their service. But, as for the court put it, the third being a Negro named John Punch shall serve his maser or his assigns for the time of his natural life. (peg. 30) Another case would be in 1640, we have a Negro woman servant Who begot a child by Robert Sweat, a White man. The Court ruled that the said Negro woman shall be whip at the whipping post and the said sweat shall tomorrow in the forenoon do public penance for his offense at James psychiatric (peg. 30) So all this is saying is that all Sweat has to do is confess his sins when the woman gets Whipped. This is unjust the guy put his penis inside her its not like she forced him. With this you see how unjust the world really is and how we treat people just by their skin. As far as the chapter mean Im not going to agree or disagree with it cause how the Europeans treated people was disgusting and no one should have to be ripped from there county because someone is either to lazy or doesnt know what they are doing so they have other people work for them in unfit conditions. .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 , .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 .postImageUrl , .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 , .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413:hover , .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413:visited , .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413:active { border:0!important; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413:active , .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413 .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u76ba169a9ad3cb268e4aebb10ed28413:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Art Spiegelman's Nature Vs. Nurture EssayThe intentions of the author were to inform us how it really was and how the whites differ from the blacks and why Europeans really need help with things. I didnt find really anything interesting with this chapter it kind of disgusted me on how societies really are and how people treated other people of a different skin one. The only thing I found out that I didnt know what slavery had to be legalized other than that I had the gist of things. What the blacks went through is extremely sad and people didnt really look at the big picture of things. The chapter opened my eyes into seeing how the world really was how we treat people differently and continue to treat people differently. This book so far is showing me that our societies past is messed up and how selfish everyone is. It shouldnt matter if youre a different color or come from a different ethnic background we are still a human race vita the same doffs and body organs. NO one person should be treated differently we all should be considered equal. Citation Zion, Howard.

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Henry Clay essays

Henry Clay essays Discuss Henry Clay as the symbol of the antebellum era. Give four examples where his success or failure reflected a broader social trend. Henry Clay, born a poor, orphaned boy from the Virginia slashes, became one of the most popular and influential political leaders in American History and the symbol of the Antebellum era. The Antebellum era was the time period preceding the Civil War between the North and the South. This era was caught between the glory of the Revolutionary and Founding period and the spectacular drama of the Civil War - the bloody and destructive birth and rebirth of the nation. A time filled with tumultuous political action, but lack of blood and gun powder - political action from fascinating and extremely influential characters such as Andrew Jackson, Jon Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, John Calhoun, etc. It was the task of this generation and its political leaders to build on the legacy left by the Founding Fathers and more importantly preserve the Constitution and the Union; and to reinforce and embellish liberty and self-government. At the center of these tasks and drama stood Henry Clay, the true symbol of this time. His unmeasurable devotion to the preservation of the Union, his record on slavery, and his rivalry with Andrew Jackson are three prime examples of how Clay as a political figure embodied the era of his time, its people, their popular views, and the trends. The key aspects of his life mentioned above are in direct relation to three of the most important aspects of the era, the Union and its state of togetherness, Abolitionism, and the Second American Political Party system. Henry Clay will never be questioned on his devotion to preserving the Union. He would sacrifice his most strongly held points of view when the integrity of the Union he so loved and so tried to keep together were threatened. The Union he put above all else. He was often credited as the man who kept the Union to...

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Greenhouse Office Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Greenhouse Office - Assignment Example The parallel and series connections have to be checked. It was stated that the batteries were fully charged but now the SG is low. The back-up generator should do the charging in this particular case because the PV array may not be able to give the required electricity generation. The solar array should also be checked for possible defects. An inspection on the conduit and wiring associated with the array and the two regulators should be done, finding some possible breaks or deterioration on exposed conduit and wiring. If there are leaks or open wires, conduit and wiring should immediately be replaced or repaired if possible. Suppose however, that we can't find fault in the PV array and the wiring and conduit are all in normal and good condition. What do we do That fuses blow up is probably because of the overload, meaning it can not give the necessary power to its load, the appliances and lighting in the house. A point from the generator and the array towards the battery charger and the regulators should be checked. There must be some leak here that prevents the battery bank from charging. As we can see in our diagram, the energy generating phase goes to the energy storage phase or equipment composed of the batteries, their housing and any protection equipment. The systems should use batteries which are designed for deep cycling applications and which are better suited to the charging and discharging regime typical of RAPS systems. There are two regulators each fed by half of the PV array. Can we point to the regulator as the possible 'culprit' Or, possibly it can be one of the 'culprits', meaning we have here one or two faults or defects. A regulator is an electronic device which controls the voltage of the solar array's energy output to charge the battery bank appropriately. An inspection is necessary on the functioning of the regulator to ensure that indicators or meters are correctly operating for the various regulator modes. When the batteries are fully charged, the regulator should be in the float mode. The regulators are connected to the battery charging equipment so that over voltage is not delivered to the battery. But the low SG in the batteries indicates that the charging equipment does not deliver the required power to be charged to the battery bank. The batteries can not work or can not have power without the charger, so this has to be in good working condition all the time. An old battery charger can cause trouble such as brownouts if it fails to charge the batteries which in turn supply the inverter. The components in the circuit of the charging equipment also consist of heat-sinks. Overheating in the heat-sinks and components should be checked. There could be some damage in the charger. The battery charger's performance worsened during bad weather where leaks and open wires could expose the system to short circuit and malfunctioning. Another trouble could be pinpointed at the wiring connection between the regulator and the charger, but a thorough checking revealed that there was no leak, neither was there open wire, nor